- Privacy -

Yes, Privacy in capital letters. For us it is fundamental.
It is one of the key principles on which we have based the development of our Reliqium app.
ALL the content that our users save in their Reliqium it is encrypted and stored in the cloud safely.

- is this the case in all the apps on the market? -

Well, unfortunately not.
Since the release of iOS 14, Apple forces developers to catalog those Apps that present a risk for the privacy of users.
When you download an app, check in the Privacy section what data of yours is being shared with third parties.

- and ... what do users think?

Well the statistics are clear, since the release of iOS 14.5, 88% of users deactivate the tracking of their data.
Google will soon get on the unstoppable train of privacy and will also force apps to explain what data is tracked.

- and ... how do you manage this issue in Reliqium?

As you can see in the stores, our app does NOT collect data from our users and, much less, share them with third parties.
In addition, all the memories that our users save in their Reliqium, are encrypted and saved in the cloud.
< span> Only the user himself through his jewel can access its content.