Despite knowing that we are privileged, we cannot help but want to leave everything, break the schemes of our squared and routine life and ... we long to return to town to live from our own garden or we want to go to the beach and plant a beach bar, in search of a life of sand and salt.

Do you remember the so-called "post-vacation crisis"? The one that made us sad and miserable when we got back into our routine after the holidays? In the past 2020 and next 2021, it has become, rather, "pandemic fatigue".

We are tired, jaded, we have changed the fury of an agenda without free voids and social stress on the contrary. .. and we have filled it with concern, with concern. Of anguish, physical and mental fatigue and overinformation. We are saturated and the "when all this happens" begins to waver.

We must disconnect from the over-information and social networks. It is necessary to be informed, more than ever, but to the proper extent. It is about accessing official sources, assuming the figures, knowing what is happening in our region. And not participate in misinformation, wasting useless energy in discussions that go nowhere.

But we want to go further: why do we want to return to the basics, to a less artificial happiness? “It is not silly to want to go back to basics; Deep down, we are prisoners of superfluous things and when we go on vacation (or when we spend much more time at home, crossing out plans from the agenda), time stops and we begin to see that it is possible to structure a day differently. , to live differently. form ”, says the psychologist Benito Peral.

It is a crisis more than an economic one. Are we facing a point of paradigm shift, a breakdown of the lifestyle and our schemes, in general?

Perhaps, this vital laziness and this need for something new, different and exciting that we think we can find in a garden (and perhaps it is so), has been brewing for a long time, since we began to want to eat the world when We finish studying until we have realized that work dignifies and burns in equal parts (especially, when it becomes increasingly difficult to work to live and more real to live to work).

Peral concludes that “Whoever has a minimum of lucidity and introspection will know that they are lucky enough not to stay still. Being lucky enough to work is the argument to close the activity. But that does not remove something that is on another level, a more intense one: there is a surge in the deep layers. ”

We are biopsychosocial beings and everything determines our imbalance. EVERYTHING. We are beings exposed to stimuli, but we are not free. Like minnows in a fish tank, responsibilities, future prospects, making ends meet ... are the logical crystals that we become attached to every day.

So when we were forced to stop, we could see everything in perspective, with new eyes, like the first time. We realized the absurdity in which we lived, a storm of chores and self-imposed responsibilities and now, we think, that maybe it doesn't have to be this way, that maybe we don't want to go back to what we used to do. everything. And perhaps it can be so. "Jump out the window, brave," Ana used to say to Otto in Lovers of the Arctic Circle. But let's see who jumps.