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A relic where you can save your best memories and relive them whenever and wherever you want through your smartphone. Access a lot of functionalities through the APP:

  • Save videos and photos
  • Tag people to share the memories
  • Set it up for gift
  • Cloud backup
  • Theft security
  • Expand storage
  • Stainless steel. plated on Silver
  • Waterproof
  • Marble Acetate Stone
  • Pendant Size: 5x40mm
  • Adjustable Chain (45-50cm)
  • Unisex
  • Contactless technology
  • It does not take a battery nor does it need recharging
  • Privacy and security with encrypted data
  • Storage: 2gb (expandable)
  • 2 years warranty
1. Download the APP in the App Store / Google Play.
You can also bring the necklace to your smartphone and it will send you directly to download it.

Descarga la App de Reliqium de la App Store y Google Play

2. Set it up for gift or personal use.
Open the App and bring the necklace closer to your smartphone. If you don't have any souvenirs yet, you can set it up as a gift or for personal use.

Configura tu Reliqium para regalo

3. Save the first memory.
Once you have accessed you can save the first memory by clicking on the Reliqium icon.

Reliqium - Guarda el primer recuerdo dentro de tu collar

4. Relive the memories stored in your necklace.
Bring your smartphone close to your necklace and you will be able to relive all the saved memories.

Reliqium - Revive todos los recuerdos dentro de tu collar If you have questions you can access the section of Frequent questions.

What can I keep in the necklace?
You can save videos and photos. You can upload the content from your smartphone gallery or take photos and videos directly from the Reliqium App.

Does it work with my smartphone?
The necklace works with Contactless technology, the same one you use to pay with your credit card or with your smartphone. Today all smartphones have this technology (NFC) but if you have doubts, you can contact contact us.

What happens if I lose the necklace?
If someone finds your necklace, they will not be able to access your memories, but they will be able to access your contact information so that they can contact you. Also, if you can't find it, you can recover your memories saved in the cloud.

Is the data protected?
Of course. One of Reliqium's core values is Privacy. The data is encrypted and stored on servers with very high security.

Will others be able to see what I keep in my necklace?
No, unless you give it permission. Your necklace will be linked exclusively to your account and only you will be able to see the memories. If someone tries to see your memories, you will receive a notification on your mobile requesting access and you can allow or deny their access.

Do you need to recharge?
No, the technology that we use to store the data does not need to charge the necklace and therefore it will have an infinite life. Memories may pass from generation to generation.

If you have any other questions, you can contact contact us.

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