The alarm clock rings. Good morning darling. Shower. Warm water. Breakfast. Toasts. Coffee. Some juice. Kiss. See you later honey. Posts. Some call. Maybe we eat together, surely not. Job. Meetings. You come back Good afternoon, honey. The same on TV. Today you have to cook. You have dinner. Pijama. Kiss. Good night darling.

Life has high doses of routine and this is positive since it would be chaos to live in absolute improvisation. A commitment to a couple also implies the acceptance of a routine. However, monotony should not be a constant, you have to leave room for creativity to be able to surprise with small gestures and actions that enrich us.

It is important to nurture our relationship so as not to fall into boredom, the feeling of longing for the dating stage, the lack of communication or even the feeling of loneliness in company.

To avoid this routine, we propose a new way to rediscover our partner based on the most primitive of our being: The senses.

We all need sensory stimulation to understand the world around us and the way we obtain information is through the senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.

Our senses are in continuous dialogue with the environment. If we receive too much information we saturate them and if we obtain little information, we enter into apathy. On the other hand, if we stimulate them correctly we can enhance our relationship as a couple physically and mentally.

How to rediscover your partner? Let's get to it!


The sense of smell is directly connected to our nervous system and leads us to memory and memories. How many times does a fragrance evoke a place or a person? We have to create a good memory of the couple's encounters to be able to use them in the future. We need an essence that is pleasant and comfortable, that encourages interest in interacting. Some scented candles, some flowers, a perfume, a massage gel ...


The sense that humans trust the most is touch, even more than sight. Reality is not seen, it is touched. That is why contact with a partner is so important to enhance desire. A brief caress, a massage or holding hands while we walk are actions that stimulate our body.

The view

Through sight we carry out a large part of our day-to-day activities. Stripping the partner of this sense for a few moments is very stimulating since the rest of the senses multiply their capacities, increasing excitement. Although we can also try to enhance it through external objects. Do you dare?

The ear

The function of the ear is to detect, transmit and convert sounds into electrical impulses. So stimulating this sense as a couple can give a lot of play, from using a song that brings back good memories to telling a fantasy in the ear of our partner. And the thing is ... whispering always works.


Mmmmmm the taste (don't worry, we're not just thinking of chocolate). To enhance this sense there are hundreds of ideas. The one that never fails is the kiss that transmits an electric current caused by the testosterone content contained in saliva and which directly influences sexual desire. But we have many more options to play with the flavors and build a new experience as a couple. Imagine that your partner is a canvas and you paint with edible colors.

The important thing when exploring the senses as a couple is to let go, and this is not always easy because we may or may not have enough confidence in ourselves or in our partner. As a little help it is always good, thinking of a gift is fine and why not a Reliqium where you can save your moments together;)