Today most singles have seen new dates as a race to the finish line. In men it is a "here I catch you here I kill you" and in women, even following the fashion, expect a little more romanticism in their dates, and they are absolutely right. While modern dating makes us feel like we're not wasting time, experts and researchers advise us to take it much more calmly.

"Slow Date" means how it sounds.

Two people decide to go out with a purpose and an objective in mind, not to rush into the stage of “getting to know each other”. We already know that in life everything is cycles and Some people have understood it and are going back to the "Slow Date", said in Spanish, to the dates of a lifetime ("slow dates") once they have discovered that the modern romances that they want to sell us are whirlwinds at first quite fun but can destroy one's self esteem. They are not sustainable, they are tiring and not healthy for your mental balance, and most importantly, without a future project.

Why does being a slow lover benefit you?

One of the most famous professional counselors Crystal Bradshaw explained it in one of her talks: “in slow dating you concentrate your energy intentionally on a person over an extended period of time as you gradually get to know them. ”

On slow dates, sex probably won't come right away, instead you can choose to have more creative encounters to get to know each other on a deeper level (how to get deeper relationships). This trend is becoming increasingly popular as more singles choose quality over quantity in a sea of ​​app options quotes.

Psychologist Dr. Yvonne Thomas, a defender of the “slowlovers” movement, comments that there are already many people who prefer to receive less compatibility and superficial interests in exchange for receiving others that are of higher quality regardless of spending more time getting to know this person.

Singles have come to realize that there is no viability in dating when they are inundated with a massive amount of superficial matches and interests among hundreds and hundreds of profiles on the most dating apps.

Slow quotes go for a natural pattern, get to know each other the old way.

Make life together ”and see how the encounters develop. #slowlovers deviate from conventional dinner and drinks in trendy bars and actually take the time to plan future dates to help them see how they develop with the different situations that are created. It seems that we are realizing that it is quite difficult to illustrate someone's character if everything you do is based on partying and sex.

Slow quotes. Intellect and creativity go up.

Bradshaw says people who want a slow date can choose to do anything from eating at a new restaurant to the new museum exhibit you're dying to see or playing sports together. She advises people to stay away from modern "face-to-face" dating. "New #slowlovers want to participate in an activity, do new things resulting in conversations based about the present moment, the activity in which they are involved ”.

HBO explores the complicated world of speed dating in the age of apps.

It seems that technology has brought us to a shallow ground. In 2015, journalist Nancy Jo Sales wrote a lengthy article for Vanity Fair magazine about how twentysomethings hate Tinder but can't stop using it.

In an HBO documentary titled Swiped: Getting hooked on the digital age ”on dating apps reveals how engineers seek addictive solutions to create the more matches the better without having any kind of principles As for the evil they are doing among single people, first creating an addiction, secondly dating people with whom you have nothing to do. We know that it is a new generational fad, but if society does not realize that speeds are not good for the mind, it can get out of hand.

Those of us who are already of a certain age, we can say that you would be surprised at the type of information that you will obtain with the experiences that slow dating offers you, the art of meeting a person little by little. You will discover things about the person you are meeting on your slow dates that you would never have discovered by making a "disposable" date of a "coffee cup" with a battery of ridiculous questions that are repeated on every date in a bar noisy.