Before the Internet arrived, media such as the press were the main channel for meeting people. Then came the web pages and, finally, the mobile applications.

And although it seems that technology cannot continue to take steps further and that everything is invented, the truth is that these applications are incorporating updates that allow people to delve deeper into the profile of people.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the concept "couple" began to not be understood in the same way as the concept "marriage" in many cases and, consequently, the word family became an act of personal freedom. In addition, during that time women took center stage in working life and divorce appeared, so many marriages began to request it, demanding that everyone had the right to choose who to love. It was then that the press became a channel to meet people and to grant anonymity to those who made use of this service.

In the 1960s, computers began to be used to meet new people.

And in 1965 the first game of questionnaires was launched that generated lists with the best combinations between two people. To put ourselves in context, we are talking about an era where the Internet did not yet exist and there were already games with algorithms that facilitated people's love lives.

In the 90s the WWW changed everything, and love and pleasure became the leaders of the Internet. But the breakthrough came with the arrival of smartphones , through which partner search portals detected that most of their users were connecting with their mobiles. From this moment on, the developers of the different applications that we find on the market today began to add updates, improving the final user experience: introducing the geolocation or the famous " swipe " to the left to reject and to the right to accept a candidate.

Dating apps.

Many had begun to be used in a few universities in the United States, they became platforms with millions of registered users , although it was the people themselves who decided with who to date. Nowadays, apps want to go further, filtering databases according to the interests of each user .

The way to meet new people has changed over time. Currently, the first contact can occur in different ways, but the most common is by starting a virtual compensation from which the common interests begin to be known, and it is at that moment when, without realizing it, we will accept or reject the first impression that we are living with the person we meet on the other side of the screen.