Do you know the way we conceive technology?

At Reliqium we propose a rational, efficient and non-intrusive use of technology. We want it to provide capabilities to the user, not to subtract them. Reliqium is part of the so-called calm technologies.

and ... what are calm technologies?

Are those that:
- Require the shortest possible attention time.
- They enhance our qualities.
- They report in a regulated manner.
- No they supplant human communication
- They use few resources

and ... how is this achieved?

Through a conscious, responsible and ethical design.
“A good tool is the one that is not seen.
The one that you do not notice that you are using it. You focus on your goal, not on the tool. ”

and ... why all this?

Not nothing new: we are increasingly hooked on technology. The way in which many applications have been conceived generates lack of concentration, addiction and anxiety. Here's the problem, technology dominates us, and not the other way around.