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10 Películas de Netflix para ver en pareja - Reliqium

10 Netflix Movies to Watch as a Couple

The lake house

A classic among classics, if you still don't have one of your favorite films The lake house it's time to soak up their love story, that shows you that there is no distance that separates the love between a doctor (Sandra Bullock) and an architect (Keany Reeves). The two protagonists fall in love through letters, but a problem separates them when they discover that they do not live in the same year.

The proposal

Sandra Bullock again as the protagonist in the role of Margaret, a famous editor from New York about to be deported to Canada who, to avoid it, declares that she is engaged to Andrew (Ryan Reynolds), her assistant. But he only accepts to pretend to be his partner with certain conditions ... This film will make even the coldest and most twisted believe in love.

Maybe forever

Who hasn't ever had a childhood sweetheart? One of those who live intensely when you are 15 years old. The story of this film is about that, two friends who meet again 16 years later and the spark of love is rekindled. A fun comedy with which to have a good time with your partner.

To all the guys I've fallen in love with

Lara, the protagonist of this film, writes secret love letters addressed to all the boys with whom she has fallen in love, making known their feelings, thoughts and their way of being, but with no intention of ever sending them to any of they. Until one day someone sends them by mistake and Lara's love life goes from being solely in her imagination to being totally out of control.

The perfect quote

La movie starring by Noah Centineo , Laura Marano, Camila Mendes, Odyssey Gerorgiadis and Matt Walsh focuses on a young man, Brooks, who needs money to get into college and creates a dating app in which only he is a suitor, so he has to go to all the dates, each of them acting different depending on the taste of each girl with which you see. But acting differently each time, Brooks realizes who he really is and something happens that he never expected: he falls in love.

Elisa and Marcela

With this story we go back to the year 1885, to meet Elisa and Marcela, two girls who know each other at work and their friendship ends up turning into a love relationship. Marcela's parents, being aware of this situation, send their daughter abroad. But the story of this film will make us see that no matter how much distance love gets in the way, it always ends up being stronger, because Marisa's reunion with Elisa is magical. But, in addition to family, social pressure will also get in the middle of their relationship, so the girls make a plan to get married.

Love in works

Gabriela, played by Christina Milian, is a San Francisco executive who loses her job and her boyfriend. But they already say it: "unlucky in love, lucky in the game", so the protagonist wins a contest and goes to a rural hotel in New Zealand, where she will start a new project with Jake Taylor (Adam Demos).

Maybe forever

Sasha and Marcus are two friends who when they were little had a strong fight and separated. But, after 15 years without speaking, they find themselves in two totally different situations. She, headed into the world of cooking; him, a musician, but it won't take long for them to fall in love.


If you and your partner are dog lovers, you will like this movie. Héctor is a 17-year-old boy who does not socialize, has few communication skills and lives in his world. Due to his behavior, he is an intern in a juvenile center without relating to practically anyone, but one day he agrees to participate in reintegration therapy with dogs. The bond he establishes with his dog, Oveja, is so great that when they adopt him, Héctor does not accept him and does everything possible to get him back.

Isn't it romantic?

The architect Natalie, played by Rebel Wilson, feels frustrated in her work, and despite being noticed so that she is valued and taken into account, she does not quite find her place doing what she would like. To "improve" her good luck, in addition, the protagonist is assaulted by a robber who leaves her unconscious. But the next morning, when she gets up, she realizes that her life has turned into a most romantic nightmare, considering that she is not a big fan of everything related to love.

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